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Learning To Listen with Will Taylor

Jan 27, 2021

Different Ability™ Podcast Episode 28

Will Taylor is my very first international guest! All the way from the UK I’m honored to have Will as my second guests on The Different Ability™ Podcast in 2021! This episode you will learn why it’s so important to listen. Yeah we know listening is important right? Well get ready to hear stories that will stick with you for the rest of your life, truly showing you why giving safe spaces for kids to talk will not only change their lives but will change yours too!

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Will Taylor’s Bio

Will Taylor has been working with children, young people and adults for nearly 20 year through therapeutic coaching / counselling / training or mentoring. Now he is supporting people overcome the feeling of not being good enough. From a mum or dad struggling in their parenting role to a CEO dealing with imposter syndrome and anything in-between. Will is transforming lives and freeing people from the things that hold them back.

What does TOPS mean?

Time Opportunity Permission Space

So listen in to this episode so you can hear more about how Will uses TOPS in his career and everyday life and why it’s important! I just love his perspective on this!

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