the team!


I couldn't build this brand and business alone.  These are the amazing humans (and dogs) that work with me, probably more than they would like, to make everything I'm doing look so beautiful and amazing!  

Ruger crossed over the rainbow bridge June 2019 unexpectedly.  He was my full time "assistant". He'd always rather be out hunting with is dad but was a great sidekick and worked really hard to be a great Katey Fortun team member!

We miss you so much Ruger and I will always love you, for ever and ever!

Making Friends For A Living

Gauge is the newest addition to the team. He is my "assistant in training". Even though we have a lot of work to do with this little guy, he's a keeper! He has a very large personality, positive, full of energy, fun and very loving.  He is a wonderful addition to this growing team!  Gauge brings a lot of love and joy into my life after losing his big brother, Ruger.


Connect with Hannah:

Graphic design, logo creation, branding, web design... the girl does it all! Hannah and I were college roommates and we have stayed great friends throughout the years. She is truly the creative genius that knows me so well. So when creating my overall "brand" and everything that goes with it, it was a lot easier with this girl! Once Hannah is in your life, she is in your life forever, that's the kind of person and friend she is!  You should all check out Hannah and her work, you will not be disappointed! 

the creative genius


The beauty behind the camera


Love my photos and videos? Well we have this amazing girl to thank! Karlee and I graduated from the same high school... many years apart though.     I am not a person that loves my photo taken or videos of me but oh my gosh she makes me feel at ease.  She has made each photo and video shoot so comfortable and so much fun!  She truly knows how to capture me in my true Katey Fortun fashion. Please everyone, go check out Karlee's amazing work, she creates beauty along with being a beauty inside and out!

Connect with Karlee: