A sibling’s perspective with Diana Swillinger

Mar 24, 2021

Different Ability™ Podcast Episode 36

Diana Swillinger is oh so amazing! This episode we went down so many incredible roads. Diana talks about her childhood, growing up having a sibling with a Different Ability™ and the impact that had on her life. Her sibling’s perspective is a beautiful perspective that we all need to hear! The siblings perspective is so powerful and so important for each of us to remember and learn from!

A Sibling’s Perspective needs to be heard…

Diana digs deep into a powerful mindset and how for many years she was living a life of how she “thought she was supposed to live her life” to then making a massive mindset and family change to live the life she and her family wanted.

Diana is a wealth of knowledge and she teaches on how powerful your mind can be and how important your mindset is. I love the fact that she talks about how YOU can change your story and the way you think about a situation.

Listen to this week’s episode right here!

Diana’s Bio

Diana Swillinger is a life coach for Christian women. She became passionate about coaching after spending her life trying to do the right thing like be the best mom/wife/business-person–going to church, looking presentable, and recycling–but she still ended up feeling stuck and miserable. She tried all the things, but the game-changer was learning practical ways to renew the mind and think differently.

Now, Diana is on a mission to help other people unstuck their brains and stop sabotaging themselves by teaching practical tools that will allow you to enjoy life again, step into who God created you to be, and experience hope, peace, and joy like never before. 

Connect with Diana and work on that powerful mindset!

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