Janet Mackay

“Be The Drip That Rips!” with Janet Mackay

Jan 20, 2021

Different Ability™ Podcast Episode 27

It was such a pleasure to have the amazing Janet Mackay as a guest on the Different Ability™ Podcast! Her mission in life is so inspiring and I know you will connect with this beautiful soul! Anytime Janet speaks she brings such light into a room! She cares so much for the world around her and most importantly, she cares about kids!

Janet’s story is one you don’t want to miss! She has an incredible purpose in life brings so much joy to me and I’m so honored to know her and call her my friend! The legacy she wants to leave is so amazing!

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Janet Mackay’s Bio

Janet Mackay is a highly sought-after motivational speaker, most known for her incredible passion and high energy for helping people realize the power they have to create a massive ripple effect of positive energy and INPact  throughout the world.  She is founder of  INPact Academy and has been creating outstanding programs and experiences for thousands of children and their families every summer and most recently through her on-line platform.

Her signature talk, “The Power of The DRIP  ” has been featured on both live and virtual stages, and was recently invited as a speaker for Les Brown. She has been inspiring audiences everywhere on the power each of us has to “Be A Drip that Rips and Not A Drop That Plops,” shifting the mindsets of students and adults to focus on how the choices they make at any given moment can cast a ripple effect of positive energy and change the trajectory of another person when it’s intention is used to show kindness, compassion and connection towards others.  She has experienced this in the many stories she features through interviews with incredible people throughout the world.

Let’s Join Her!

Let’s join her, to create a “tsunami of positive energy” throughout the world and bring everyone along on a magnificent  journey back to humanity.  Together, we can ,“Be the change you want to see in the world by making an INPact …one…drip…at…a…time!”

Connect with Janet!

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