Learning Disabilities

Let’s Talk Learning Disabilities with Gina Dahl

Feb 17, 2021

Different Ability™ Podcast Episode 31

Gina Dahl, or as I call her Mrs. Dahl, has been a HUGE influence in my life. I have been so lucky to have her a part of my life and am so grateful to have had her as a teacher in high school! So let’s talk about learning disabilities!

She not only believed in me, she believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself! Gina is a special education teacher and still to this day is inspiring and educating kids every single day! She teaches kids that having a disability is not a bad thing, you need to know your strengths and your areas of improvement and you will succeed what what you put your mind to!

Learning Disabilities are not bad!

This episode we talk about so many different topics having to do with learning disabilities and disabilities in general. I’m so glad she is my first teacher interview and don’t worry, she will be back soon to talk more about very important topics! Remember, teachers are a huge part of kids lives and a teacher can be a huge influence in a child’s life, just like Gina was to me!

Listen to this week’s episode right here!

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