Learning Disability - Paul Vibes

Overcoming A Learning Disability with Paul Vibes

Feb 10, 2021

Different Ability™ Podcast Episode 30

Overcoming a learning disability is not easy. Paul is all about guiding others with his stories on how to becoming more than your challenges! He himself grew up with a learning disability and he shares what has helped him throughout the years.  Paul educates others on so many topics. He is very passionate about is offering tools and mindsets to help others overcome what life throws at them.

Listen in to learn more about the Long Island Buddy Club and his podcast, The People’s Podcast. There’s a reason he goes by “Paul Vibes” and once you listen to this episode you will know why… he gives off such positive vibes in all that he does!

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Paul Vibe’s Bio

Paul is a Long Island Native and the founder of “The Long Island Buddy Club, “Paul Vibes” Motivational Speaking, and “The People’s Podcast.” Featured in numerous publications for his work, Paul has held talks at a variety of venues including colleges, high schools, libraries, and substance abuse facilities. During his talks, Paul shares his story of overcoming a learning disability, and creating the Buddy Club, while offering audiences the tools and mindsets to help them overcome what life my throw at them. Paul is not only educating those he comes into contact with, but giving people the guidance they need to become more than their challenges.

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