Red Letter Day

A Red Letter Day with Rick Werry

Feb 3, 2021

Different Ability™ Podcast Episode 29

A Red Letter Day, what is that? Listen in to learn! Where do I even start with talking about Rick Werry?! Honestly nothing I say will do justice to his incredible story. Please take the time and listen in to this incredible podcast interview! If you like to watch videos, no worries, the video interview will be out on Friday!

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Rick Werry’s Bio

Rick Werry was born in a small town in Utah. The youngest of 4 kids growing up on a dairy farm. As a teenager Rick loved sports and being outdoors.

In 2007 Rick married his college sweetheart Tara.
A year later, while building their house, Rick was in a construction accident and broke his neck. His life changed that day as Rick became paralyzed from the chest down. Rick was scared, sad and unsure what the future holds. Then a nurse came into his hospital room. The nurse was holding a red pen and a calendar. She told Rick that any time you accomplish something you couldn’t do yesterday we will write it down and call it a “Red Letter Day”

Rick has taken that nurses advice, not only for recovering from a spinal cord injury, but also as a life lesson. In
Ricks “wheelchair life” he has accomplished so many amazing things. He has a handcycle and rides long distances, plays wheelchair Rugby and is always hunting. Rick and Tara now have twin boys that are their whole life. He is a great dad and always playing with the “boys”

Rick has started to compile his life lessons and “Red letter Days” into a memoir, and plans to have it published.

What is your Red Letter Day?

Rick has many “Red Letter Day” stories and you will hear them in this podcast interview! The story behind what the Red Letter Day means to him is life changing, for everyone!

Rick is not taking his live for granted and it truly shows! He is very honest, humble, real and of course he has his own bad days, like we all do. But the whole message behind His Red Letter Day is such a beautiful message and amazing way to look at each day! We all can learn from Rick and live our lives challenging ourselves to live our Red Letter Day!

Listen in to learn about his Grandpa Sid!

Grandpa Sid

Living his life to the fullest!

Connect with Rick!

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