inspiring kids each and every day

Inspiring kids each and every day with Quinton (Q) Jones

Apr 7, 2021

Different Ability™ Podcast Episode 38

Well Q is my new best friend… that’s for sure! Gosh darn it I love this episode with Quinton (Q) Jones. The stories he brings. He’s so easy to listen to. He has such a calming but powerful voice… he’s an incredible speaker and I can’t wait to speak on stage with Q someday in the near future! Q is inspiring kids each and every day!

Inspiring kids each and every day!

The stories Q brings to this episode will stay with you forever! He is so inspiring and every kid in the world needs to hear him speak! He talks about growing up in the south being raised by his great-grandparents… yes I said GREAT-grandparents.

Q talks about the teachers that made a huge impact in his life and one that totally changed his life forever… because she simply believed in him and saw something in him that he didn’t see! You don’t want to miss out on this episode and all that Q has to offer the world. Be sure to connect with him below and reach out to him if you’d like to him to be a speaker!

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Quinton’s Bio

Quinton is an inspirational and motivational speaker. Every presentation from Quinton flows over with perseverance, love and fulfilling life.  His strength comes from being raised by his great-grandparents, although he still has not felt love from his father, his upbringing gave him wisdom from previous generations that cannot be gained from any book. 

Quinton’s various obstacles such as being dyslexic, multiple leg injuries, the death of his great grandfather, a complete loss house fire, and moving away from home didn’t break his stride. Quinton did not let these things hinder his ability to forge meaningful friendships, gain valuable knowledge, exhibit proven persistence and attain a beautiful family. 

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