Diagnosed at 50

Diagnosed at 50 years old with Larissa Russell

Apr 14, 2021

Different Ability™ Podcast Episode 39

Let me start by saying, it’s never EVER too late to be diagnosed! My guest on today’s podcast episode is Larissa Russell and she was diagnosed at 50! She was diagnosed with autism at 50 years old, yes you read that right! She has so much to her incredible story but one key message from her is, it’s never too late to be diagnosed!

Diagnosed at 50!

Larissa’s story is so inspiring and everyone can learn something from this episode. She was diagnosed at 50 years old and in the last three years she has accomplished more than most people will accomplish in their entire lives! To me that proves what I have been teaching and sharing all along, which is, learning about yourself is one of the best things you can do for yourself! Ok enough from me, please go listen to today’s episode, check out Larissa’s bio below and go connect with her!

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Larissa’s Bio

Larissa is an Entrepreneur, International Best Selling Author, Speaker, Artist, Educator, Coach and a Healer. She is the Founder of Creative U, an online coaching and learning platform that helps women step into their authenticity with the help of creativity. Larissa is also the founder of Queer Voicez, a not-for-profit organization that shares LGBT+ stories to help the LGBT+ youth know that they are not alone. 

Larissa works with women who are ready to make change in their lives. As a master of change, through her life adventures, Larissa has a unique perspective that helps women learn and feel comfortable with their boundaries, as well as what they really want from their lives.
Larissa lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with her partner, traveling whenever she can, on new adventures to explore the world.

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