Building Little Leaders with Andrea Monroe

Apr 21, 2021

Different Ability™ Podcast Episode 40

Andrea is a true gift to this world! She is single handedly building little leaders each and every day! We discuss so many amazing topics in this episode, all from her childhood, her time in the military and how she was at the Pentagon on 9-11, to everything she’s working on now and in her future to educate kids, parents and educators! Again, Andrea is a truly incredible human and you need to know her!

Building Little Leaders

The stories Andrea brings to this episode will leave you wanting more! The wisdom she brings from her own experiences as a child and working with strong willed children is just what we all need to hear. Please listen in to the full episode where you like to listen to podcast or right below here! Also, go connect with Andrea, she is an incredible resource!

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Andrea’s Bio

Andrea E Monroe is an Air Force veteran, who has worked in education for 20 years. She has attained her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Master’s degree in Teaching and Learning. Andrea is a Behavior Strategist and Leadership Coach; who coaches parents and educators to encourage, equip, and empower strong willed children with skills to feel successful every day. Andrea is the author of “Battle Plan for Children”, which teaches children how to be leaders and build their self-esteem through social emotional learning.

“I help families and schools to encourage, equip, and empower strong willed children through social and emotional learning. They are NOT “problems” they are leaders! They do not “fit in” they stand out! That is what they were designed by God to do. They frustrate us because the give us push back or by questioning us.”

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