Little Moments Matter

May 24, 2021

Before my Grandma passed away last year I told her “Grandma if you send me signs I will know it’s you”. She squeezed my hand tighter and smiled at me. Then I quickly said “but don’t strike me with lightning or anything!” and then she giggled. She was always a stinker, up to something and keeping me on my toes. Before I would leave anytime I was with her, I’d give her a hug and kiss goodbye and she would kiss and hug me back and would always leave me with a little pat on my butt and tell me “love you and be good KayKay”. I sure miss her kisses, hugs and pats on my butt. Those little moments matter, and I miss them!

When my Grandma passed I started noticing very specific things around me and in my heart I knew it was Grandma sending me those signs I asked her to send. I started seeing deer everywhere I went. When I went on walks, deer would walk up ahead of me across the road. On those walks, more than once, I’d pass a deer along the road and it wouldn’t run away. The deer would stand there and stare at me, bow it’s head and then run off. When I was driving down a back road I came around a corner and there it was, a deer standing in the middle of the road, like it was waiting for me. It bowed its head and walked off the road. This happened over and over. I was convinced that it was in fact my Grandma telling me she was ok and that I’d be ok!

“The deer watch out for us”

When I told my Grandpa this, he smiled at me and said “Katey, you know why we never took down that wallpaper in our living room?” (the wall paper was of a woods and had three deer on it). I said, “why Grandpa?”. He said, “because Grandma always said the deer watch out for us”. We both had tears in our eyes and he said “it looks like Grandma is watching out for you!”

It’s coming up on a year since losing Grandma and it’s still so hard not having her here with us. But she is still sending me signs and I’m so grateful for that! It warms my heart every time I see a deer. I think of her and know that she’s watching over me and it reminds me to keep going and keep making her proud!

Crazy Sign While Shopping

I was out shopping one Saturday afternoon. and was walking through the store and I turned the corner and a box on an empty shelf caught my eye. I looked over at the box and it was a puzzle. Now it was not just any puzzle, this puzzle jumped out at me and honestly took my breath away. (I know it’s a puzzle, but keep reading)

My Grandpa really enjoys puzzles. I wasn’t out looking for any puzzles, I actually wasn’t even in the are of the puzzles. But this puzzle was special. This puzzle had a cabin in the woods, in the fall, near a beautiful waterfall. In the bottom left stood two deer and in the upper right flew an eagle. Now I know what you’re thinking, oh my gosh the deer! And yes you’re right, that’s a sign from my Grandma! But this had an even deeper meaning to me.

My Grandpa lost his older brother a few years ago and at my Great Uncle Norman’s funeral I was videoing the entire services for those who couldn’t be there, an eagle flew overhead in the sky. I felt at that moment that it was Great Uncle Norman letting us all know he was ok! Those little moments matter!

“Letting us know he’s ok”

As you can see, this puzzle really meant something and stood out to me. So of course I bought it and gave it to my Grandpa to put together. And that he did. He still tells me to this day “that puzzle was very difficult! You’d think it would have been the waterfall but it wasn’t, it was those dang trees!”

Why am I sharing this with you? Well this past week after my Grandpa returned home from rehab, in the nursing home after a very scary past month (he had a heart attack and had a triple bypass surgery at 83 years old), he asked me if I’d like to keep that puzzle he put together. I felt very overwhelmed that he offered and of course said yes! But before I’d take it, I asked him to sign it so everyone knew that he put it together. It’s the little moments I never want to forget!

It’s the little moments in life that truly matter! I’m grateful to have been raised by two amazing parents that taught me to spend time with the people you love. Sit and listen to people’s stories. Learn from people around you and never take for granted your time on this earth. That’s why it’s very important to me to surround myself with people that truly lift me up and that I can lift them up. I’m no longer going to do things that I don’t want to do just because other people “think” it’s what I should do. I’m going to keep creating a positive and beautiful life with positive and loving people!

I can’t wait for my Grandpa to get a bit stronger because he and I have a date coming up soon! We are going for a ride anywhere he wants, so he can tell me all of his stories and show me where they all took place! Those are the little moments that matter!

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