Ayesis Clay

Teacher Secondary Trauma and Burnout with Ayesis Clay

Jul 21, 2021

Different Ability™ Podcast Season 2 Episode 53

Ayesis Clay is a unicorn (former) teacher and that’s an understatement! She shares her story of becoming a teacher and working in the education system for many years. Ayesis talks about how secondary trauma and burnout became her reality as a teacher.

“Secondary Trauma and Burnout”

After leaving the education system, Ayesis wrote an incredible play that she has performed all over the country! The play she wrote was a form of therapy and we all should be grateful for her writing it! Be sure to listen in to this episode! Ayesis performs a sneak peek of her play right here on the Different Ability™ Podcast! You will not want to miss her performing the full play on Clubhouse! See below for more details on how to tune into the first time ever audio performance on the Clubhouse app!

Ayesis will be performing her play on Clubhouse the weekend of July 30th – August 1st. Please follow her on social and follow me on social to get updates on the exact date and time! Get the clubhouse app here! If you need an invite, please send me a note and I’ll send you an invite!

Listen to this week’s episode right here!

Ayesis’s Bio

Ayesis Clay, Founder of Sculpted Clay Productions, is a master teacher and multi-hyphenated artist (actor/director/playwright). For 17 years, she wore many hats— serving as theatre department chairperson, teacher leader and mentor for Prince George’s County Public Schools, one of the top 25 largest school districts in the nation.

As an educational consultant, Ayesis leads workshops and delivers keynotes designed to foster resilience in educational professionals using a trauma-sensitive approach to interactions with students and themselves. She continues to strive for an increased spotlight on teacher and student mental wellness by inspiring deeper conversations around humanity in education, including complex and important topics like secondary trauma and burnout.

Connect with Ayesis!

Connect with Ayesis on Clubhouse! You can listen to the full audio performance of her play! Her Clubhouse handle is: @sculptedclay

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