Are you living your life purpose? with Dennard Mitchell

Aug 4, 2021

Different Ability™ Podcast Season 2 Episode 55

Dennard Mitchell is a one of a kind human being! Today’s episode we talk from his childhood all the way to what he’s doing today! Every moment of this podcast episode is peer gold! But one of the things I love that Dennard asks himself is are you living your life purpose?

“Living your life purpose”

So today’s episode is more than the normal living your life purpose chat! Please do yourself a favor and listen in! The stories of how Dennard grew up as a child, to a career move early on and how that shaped him and his life today. He is inspiring, motivating and educating the youth, parents and teachers each and every day! I really don’t want to give too much away. Listen in and you’ll be hooked from the moment he starts speaking!

Listen to this week’s episode right here!

Dennard’s Bio (from his website)

Dennard Mitchell is a Student Retention Specialist, National Best Selling Author, and International Motivational Speaker. He has established a reputation as the go-to person for help in reaching Your Next Level. His action-packed programs – Next Level Student Success, Next Level Happiness, and Next Level Leadership have been shared with students and working professionals in 35 states, reaching hundreds of thousands and counting.

Dennard’s former roles as a Social Skills Instructor, SCSI Teacher, and Funeral Director have allowed him to help both students and working professionals identify their personal strengths, overcome obstacles, and accomplish their most ambitious life goals.

Although faced with many challenges growing up, Dennard went on to earn degrees in Business Administration and Mortuary Science. He’s the best-selling author of Next Level Student Success and has authored five additional books. He is an experienced Leadership Facilitator and has a gift for connecting with any audience, relating to them on a personal level, and inspiring them to bring out the best in themselves and the people around them.

Dennard’s programs will help schools, student organizations, professional associations, and corporations reach their next level while connecting with their mission statement.

When he is not speaking, Dennard enjoys traveling with his wife and kids and going to the movies.

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