Parent advocate and building your tool box with Raya Karin

Aug 11, 2021

Different Ability™ Podcast Season 2 Episode 56

Raya Karin is an amazing woman, educator, advocate, mother and so much more! Today’s episode is full of so much helpful, eye opening information and I’m so grateful she was willing to share a few of her stories with us all! Raya not only is an advocate for herself, she advocates for her two daughters and others in the community!

“Parent Advocate”

Raya is an incredible parent advocate. She has advocated at a very early age for both of her daughters. How did she know you might ask? She herself has learning differences and was never “formally” diagnosed but knows she has Dyslexia and ADD. So because she learned about herself and what she needed to succeed, she was able to see those signs in her daughters at an early age and be the best parent advocate for them. She has taught her daughters to build their tool boxes of what they need to help them succeed!

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Raya’s Bio

Raya is a woman of many roles. She juggles them with confidence and grace, something she has done from a very young age. Raised in Northern British Columbia, Canada, on a beautiful horse farm, Raya is inspired by spending time barefoot on the earth, playing in the rain, wandering the trails with her animals, exploring the vast natural spaces, and staying in touch with her child-like earth girl soul. 

Raya’s inquisitive nature opens doors to a world of endless possibilities, right from her own backyard. She leads with love and purpose, while inspiring others from around the globe with her vision and passion for her work that speaks dearest to her heart. 

Raya has a big heart and a compassionate soul for helping others to live their best life. She has a special unique gift for working with children, adults, and animals in her private work where she combines nature and earthing into her holistic,intuitive therapy work. 

When Raya speaks of her dreams her eyes light up and her energy flows freely; she can envision so many great things happening for the people she counsels. 

Raya trusts her intuition when working with others on the healing journey. She has always wanted to create something unique to who she is and the message she carries through her work, her writing, and her life.

Raya’s two daughters and husband cheer her on as she continues on her journey of self discovery and growth. 

Raya means ray of sunshine and that’s exactly what she loves to spread to all those who need it in the world today.

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