OMG it’s Harvey Korman’s Son! with Chris Korman

Aug 25, 2021

Different Ability™ Podcast Season 2 Episode 58

Chris Korman not only is the son of the late Actor and Comedian, Harvey Korman, he is an advocate for kids with learning disabilities. Chris shares a small part of his story on today’s episode. One of my favorite parts of the episode is when he says “My Father, Harvey Korman, was a father first”.

” Father First ”

Chris’s stories show a bit of how his life was in the spotlight as the son of Harvey Korman. He shares funny stories of his dad growing up, being on the different sets, loving craft services and so much more! Imagine growing up with learning differences and being in the spotlight with your famous dad. It couldn’t have been easy but Chris shares amazing stories of his Father, how he was a huge advocate for Chris and everyone with learning disabilities. He shares about the different charity events his father was apart of and encouraged Chris to be involved with. There’s so many amazing stories Chris talks about in this episode, be sure to listen in!

I’m so very grateful for Chris to have reached out to me on my website, wanting to learn more about the Different Ability® Podcast! We emailed back and forth a bit and then talked on the phone one night for 45 minutes! I knew I just had to have him on as a guest and I’m so grateful he agreed to be a guest! Stay in the loop of what Chris and I will collaborate on in the future! It’s going to be great!

Listen to this week’s episode right here!

Chris’s Bio

Chris Korman (producer) The son of beloved comedian Harvey Korman, Chris has fifteen years experience in the entertainment industry, working with artists in various capacities, including brand building and agenting. A graduate of Lesley College in Cambridge, MA, where he studied theatre history, he received training in stage management at Colorado Mountain College under Thomas Cochran. Following in the tradition of his father, Chris has supported such charitable organizations as the non-profit Marianne Frostig Golf Tournament, which he co-hosted and served on the board for twenty-two years; Keshet of Chicago, for which he served as spokesperson in 1997; and the Learning Disabilities Association of America, for which he gave a keynote address in 2017. Chris has worked behind the scenes of TV Confidential since 2016.Chris’s first book OH My God its Harvey Korman’s son was release in 2020 by Bear Manor press.

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