To Own Your Learning with Mei

Sep 8, 2021

Different Ability™ Podcast Season 2 Episode 60

Mei is an incredible human being! Mei has such different life experiences than myself and that’s why I’m so grateful to have her on today’s episode! She grew up in Asia, was in the education system for many years there and now teaches (with a twist) here in the US. I love when she talks about how you need to own your learning!

” Own Your Learning ”

Teaching kids to own your learning is what inspires motivates Mei. Knowing everyone learns differently is key! Her experience teaching in Asia and now what she’s teaching over here in the States is such a great lesson. Her passion is to encourage kids to love to learn and again, own your learning. I just love everything she stands for on how everyone learns differently and we need to inspire and teach kids to learn the way they learn best!

There’s so much more to her story, so listen in to today’s episode and find out more! I really can’t do this episode justice by explaining it here (and we all know I don’t love writing)! Listen in and connect with Mei if you’d like to learn more. In this episode she will leave you wanting more!

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