People are people no matter what ability! with Dustin Henslin

Sep 15, 2021

Different Ability™ Podcast Season 2 Episode 61

I’m so grateful to have Dustin as a guest to share his incredible story! Dustin was diagnosed with CP, Cerebral Palsy, at the age of one and he shares some of his story on today’s episode. “People are people no matter what ability” is one of the many amazing things Dustin said on today’s podcast episode.

“People are people no matter what ability ”

Dustin shares how it was growing up with CP. He shares about how after reading his medical records from when he was diagnosed with CP, they wrote something else in his records that followed him throughout this school career, in a not so positive way. Even though Dustin has to work very hard each day to maintain his mobility, he works just as hard to keep a positive mindset as much as possible! Of course we all have bad days, every one of us does. But Dustin is a true inspiration in the way he presents himself around his friends, in public and at his job that he has held for 15 years this year! This is an episode you don’t want to miss. Listen in to learn so much more about my amazing guest, Dustin!

Also, you’ll hear in the episode that I ask if he’s working the day after we recorded this episode… well I had to surprise him at work, meet him in person for the first time and snap a selfie! (see below!)

Listen to this week’s episode right here!

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