Qualities and values are your identity! With Shannon Clapp

Sep 22, 2021

Different Ability™ Podcast Season 2 Episode 62

In today’s episode you will hear some pretty incredible stories from my guest Shannon’s life! Shannon, like many, struggled as a child and never was formally diagnosed with any sort of learning disability. As you could maybe guess, of course, she fell through the cracks and struggled through school. What I love is she truly believes that your qualities and values are your identity, not your “disability”. Your disability doesn’t define you!

” Your Qualities and Values are your identity ”

Shannon opens my eyes and shares with me about learning how she has synesthesia. There’s many types of synesthesia and she shares of few of them on today’s episode. What is synesthesia? Well you need to listen in to today’s episode to learn more from Shannon! Synesthesia is truly mind blowing to me and so interesting to learn more about! Again, Shannon shares that she has synesthesia but that doesn’t define who she really is… it’s something she has! Her qualities and values in life are what make up her identity.

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Shannon’s Bio

Shannon is a Family Life Coach and Consultant, who specializes in helping families find more balance through strengthening their family unit. She supports individuals with the tools and capabilities they need to break free from their limitations; to be empowered in living their best lives and she encourages continual personal growth. She is the founder of the Family Life Design, an interactive program for the whole family, designing an intentional culture that builds a supportive foundation from which the family can grow. 

As a single parent to her two amazing children, Shannon has faced challenges that bring a refreshing perspective to her coaching. Her son was born with a developmental disability and behavioural disorder. His special needs brought a complete lifestyle change. Shannon understands the complexity in parenting when dealing with extraordinary needs, because she has lived it. Shannon’s parenting techniques and perspectives allow her to help her clients move beyond the overwhelming difficulties they face every day.

Shannon’s background as a Financial Advisor and Debt Elimination Consultant adds an element of support for families who struggle with their finances. She also owned and operated a successful Dance Business which included dance instruction of all ages and abilities, professional birthday party planning, developing and directing after school educational programs and working in the school system integrating dance into their everyday curriculum. She brings over 30 years of working with children and families. The one thing Shannon knows how to do is bring the fun into learning for children. She understands how to manage extraordinary behaviours and get the best out of children.

In 2002, Shannon came in 3rd Runner Up in the Mrs. Canada International Pageantry with a campaign she built around “Family Unity Through Physical Fitness”. She has understood for years the importance of building family unity and the varying ways to achieve it. Shannon is dedicated to helping families make the improvements to, not only be successful in their individual lives; but to find fulfillment, balance and unity with each other in the family as a whole. 

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