Social Media Break | Days 1-10

Jul 10, 2022

This is really out of left field. I was typing up an email to my amazing community that is subscribed to my email list and as I was typing I realized I had a lot more to say with how the first 10 days of being off of social media is going. I’m going to list it out for you because that’s how my brain is currently working. So here it goes… (this is in no specific order)

Everything I have felt over the last 10 days.

  1. I felt very weird the first day. So many things happed on day one that would have been such great things to share to stories on social media.
  2. I felt relief not feeling like I have to share things all the time.
  3. I feel frustrated when I STILL swipe over on my phone to where my social media apps were located.
  4. My “routine”, that I didn’t know I had, changed.
  5. I have SO much more time that I didn’t waste scrolling on social media at weird times of the day.
  6. This one is hard for me to talk about… I have felt sad. Not sad because I’m not on social media, sad because I have more time to allow myself to think. See below (*) for more context to this.
  7. I have had time to dream more about what I want!
  8. I have had more present time with my fiancé.
  9. I have had more quality time with my parents.
  10. I have had more quality time with my friends.
  11. I have been sleeping more! haha I think my body needs it but I do find myself getting better sleep, other than when I had a quick stomach bug… that was not fun!
  12. I “watch” more Netflix. I’m not sure that’s a good thing but I have had some shows on in the background. Ohh maybe I need to do a Netflix break next!
  13. I have had more time to dedicate to my business and working on some really great things!
  14. I feel happy
  15. I feel peaceful
  16. I feel excited
  17. I sometimes feel anger. (reference #6 and the info (*) below for more info) And by the way, I don’t like to feel angry. I hate feeling angry. But I guess this is a teachable moment for me.
  18. I sometimes feel overwhelmed
  19. I sometimes feel lost – which is hard to even type. Lost because I don’t have social media? I mean come on Katey… SEE these are the weird emotions and thoughts I have had!
  20. Overall I feel great! I feel like this is such a good thing for me to do for myself right now. It’s something I have needed. I had a gut feeling about it and I’m so glad I decided to listen to my gut and take time off of social media! It’s actually been easier than I ever expected!

*More from #6: I KNOW that is so weird to say, “I have felt sad. Not sad because I’m not on social media, sad because I have more time to allow myself to think”. But there has been some really hard things going on in my personal life and I know I’m very good at pushing down my feelings or randomly scrolling on social media or “pretending everything is ok”. And not being able to “randomly scroll” has made me sit in my feelings. It has made me actually live these feelings and honestly, I don’t like it! I have been a rollercoaster of emotions and I don’t like it! I have been struggling more than I have in a long time in my life and it’s supposed to be a wonderful exiting month (which it still is) but it’s been hard! But I do believe it’s for the best and it’s making me grow as a person. But again, I don’t like it! haha

Thank You for listening to my random thoughts here. This has helped me get out my feelings. I appreciate you for listening, your support and your love! If you have a feeling of maybe needing to take a social media break, DO IT! It’s been an eye opening first 10 days and I can’t wait for the rest of this month!




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