Remember, teachers are a huge part of kids lives and a teacher can be a huge influence in a child’s life, just like Gina was to me!

Overcoming a learning disability is not easy. Paul is all about guiding others with his stories on how to becoming more than your challenges! He himself grew up with a learning disability and he shares what has helped him throughout the years.

The whole message behind Rick’s Red Letter Day is such a beautiful message and amazing way to look at each day! We all can learn from Rick and live our lives challenging ourselves to live our Red Letter Day!

Will Taylor is my very first international guest! All the way from the UK I’m honored to have Will as my second guests on The Different Ability™ Podcast in 2021! Listen

“Be The Drip That Rips” with Janet Mackay on today’s Different Ability™ Podcast Episode!

Different Ability™ Podcast Episode 26

Do you know what Enneagram Number you are? When I took the test… it surprised me! Find out more here!

Different Ability™ Podcast Episode 24

Only 8 things 2020 has taught me? No I have learned so much but here’s the top 8!

Different Ability™ Podcast Episode 19

Different Ability™ Podcast Episode 18

I’ll be honest, I love drinking this Matcha Lemonade after a hard workout. It helps give me my energy back and my muscles seem to recover a lot faster!